Re: ISDN, etc.

Valtteri Vuorikoski (vuori@SCI.FI)
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 09:07:29 -0500

Richard Cogger has randomly hit several keys, resulting in

> Right, audio requires 32K of *payload* per second and is very sensitive to
> packet drops. You would probably be able to get audio if you close all the
> receive video windows, or if you have only one open and that person caps
> transmission at 10 or 15K. Future developments will include optimization
> for 64K operation. One obvious thing will be to have reflectors give
> priority to audio. Otherwise, we expect a lower bitrate encoding (but you
> may need a powermac to run it), some forward error correction, and yes, a
> postage-stamp size option at a low frame rate. -Dick

For audio compression, how about the delta-code modulation that's in Maven
>2.0a18 or so ? That's 16kbps and runs on a 680x0.

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