Re: QuickCam

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 14:56:00 -0500

At 05:31 11/17/94, Cadet Przemyslaw Soszynski wrote:

> First of all it doesn't work with CUSeeMe, which is no surprise. I know
>the team is vorking hard to get both QuickCam and CUSeeMe cooperate. Yet, I
>heard on this list that the camera would work with older versions of
>CUSeeMe. I tried a couple of them. The result was the same as for the most
>recent one, no cooperation.

The version that you need to use is the x...b1. I currently have a test
version of b12 that supports the QuickCam. If all works out, as Dick said,
it should be available for all real soon now.

> Second thing is a bigger problem and I would appreciate if somebody
>could help me figure out what the problem is. In the QuickMovie, whenever I
>set Audio to QuickCam Mic my QUADRA 610 crashes with the following notion:
> "Sorry, a system error occured "Quick Movie"
> coprocessor not installed"
> It looks like I need a coprocessor, but nowhere in the SYSTEM
>REQUIREMENTS I found a demand for it. It did not change anything if I set
>my SOUND IN (from Control Panel) to QuickCam... nor when I installed a
>Did anybody else have the same problems?


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