Simon Plint (EST)
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 19:10:56 -0500

>Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 09:43:52 +1100
>From:splint@mail.newcastle.edu.au (Simon Plint)
>>Date: Thu, 17 Nov 1994 13:43:25 +1100
>>From:splint@mail.newcastle.edu.au (Simon Plint)
>> I think this is a bug. When I try to uncheck the push-to-talk button
>>in the audio window I get the following dialog box;
>>SPBOpenDevice Failed
>>err= -227
>>Quit Now
>>Not supprisingly, when I press Quit Now the program quits and I get told by
>>the finder that an application has unexpectedly quit. If I try to re-launch
>>the program the computer locks up unless I remove the preferences file from
>>the system preferences folder.
>>System details;
>>CPU: Mac quadra 840av.
>>Monitor: Apple 16".
>>Mic: Plugged into monitor base,
>> monitor base plugged into cpu.
>>Camer: Sony handy cam.
>>cu-seeme: CU-SeeMe.68k0.70b12.
>>I do have third party inits and if this is not a common problem then I'll
>>start looking at these.
>>I have not seen this mentioned in the FAQs.
Sorry for sending this to the list, I know I'm being impatient, but I
thought that techs and developers are real busy and that some of you might
have had the same experience. Am I doing something wrong? Does it make a
difference wether you put the sound through the built in mic or from the
video camera?

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