CU-SeeMe Usage

Thu, 17 Nov 1994 22:51:48 -0500

Hi! Well, we just got into playing with CU-SeeMe here in Rhode Island,
USA. We're an Internet Service provider, and we're conducting tests with
a local College using high speed Metropolitan area networks (cable-TV).
This is useful because it provides net links of 10 Meg.

We're hoping to possibly provide classes over the Internet/Metro Network
using a combination of the Web with Mosaic and live cameras for teachers,
and the like - all of it would be basically experiments for practicality,
really, since the programs arn't yet production-quality... but it all is
really interesting...!

Thanks for developing a really neato application. Thing is I have yet to
find a live person to chat with! :-)

If anyone is interested in chatting, send email to