Re: Apple MovieTalk - video conf in colour over internet...

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Fri, 18 Nov 1994 01:15:53 -0500

At 19:09 11/16/94, Martin Hill wrote:

>How does MovieTalk compare with CU-SeeMe?
>I've recently tried out a beta of Apple's MovieTalk software and was fairly
>impressed with it's capabilities over Ethernet. I don't know how it
>performs over TCP/IP and lower bandwidth connections. I am also unsure as
>to whether MovieTalk will be cross-platform or Mac-only. It's features and
>flexibility are quite impressive:...

To the best of my knowledge, from speaking with people who have the
MovieTalk beta, that the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) that accompanies
MovieTalk prevents users from discussing it. I, however, am not bound by
it, not being among the annointed.

>Does anyone (from Cornell in particular) have an idea of the pros and cons
>of MovieTalk when compared with CU-SeeMe? I assume the latter will remain
>PD or at least shareware in the near term while the Apple product will

I guess that between Apple's embrace of both MacOS and Windoze (for
QuickTime), MovieTalk will ultimately be rolled into the system software,
available for both platforms, and the basis of some cool software. Will
CU-SeeMe wither and die? Only if the MovieTalk technology is better,
faster, smaller, available on more platforms, cheaper, and is untouchable.
I believe that the CU-SeeMe team can and will give them a run for their

>Perhaps the major question would be - Is there any chance of
>inter-operation between MovieTalk and CUSM?

Sometime after the Connectix QuickCam support gets added in :-)

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