Did you get Stoned?

Alfredo Lusa (i_access@SIRIUS.COM)
Sat, 19 Nov 1994 23:59:25 -0500

Welli, welli, welli

What can I say, was that great or what!?

I know, I know, many of you did not get to see it.
BUT! _________


This is my side of the story:

Thursday, November 27 10:30am
I was leisurely listening to the radio (Rosali of KFOG,
radio station in San Francisco, CA U.S.A.) and I heard
the snippet: "...if you want the internet address call me."

So I did. I had no idea what it was she was going
to give me the address to, but it had something to do with
the internet.

No one answered. I left a message. A few minutes later, Alister
(from KFOG) calls me and explains what they were doing.

Alister: "I am setting up the Stones Dallas concert via
MBONE with DEC in Mountain View (N. California,
USA) and trying to get The Exploratorium to show it."
Alfredo: "I can help you."
Alister: "Oh Yeah?" (Increduously).
Alfredo: "Yeah!"
Alister: "Get to work buddy, we are running out of time"

The rest is history. The Exploratorium was not available,
so I called my buddies at GeoNet Communications (in
Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.) and they said: YEAH!

Time was scarce, (you can double check with John
Graham at GeoNet on that), resources limited (thanks
SUN Microsystems!) but what can I say, we know our trade.

We pulled it off. Big time. TV crews all over, food, alcohol,
the Stones, in short: a bash!

***NOW, The CU-SeeMe Tragedy***

As soon as I found out that we could show this to the
masses, I mean, CU-SeeMers, I began scrambling to get
a reflector chain going and contacted all my old timers (from
the Burning Man and In Search of Atlantis) and then they
did their magic.

We were all ready to go in about 6 hours!
We could have been a contender!

I say the MBONE elite boycotted us! buuuuuuuuu!!
WAIT I am getting out of control...

A little side note: I had told all of you that I was going
to have e-mail access until the last minute... well I
miscalculated and thus I was unable to
communicate with any of you after 2:45 pm PST when
I went to get the Big Mama PROJECTOR!! (from AVTS,
thanks Todd!).

After I arrived at GeoNet I was watching how you all
CU-SeeMers were being denied access and my hands
were tied, I could not rescue you! It was tough to watch. I
tried to remember some of your e-mails but to no avail,
all bounced back.

I now know that my cool buddy, Cyrus Shaoul sent some
abled ip addresses to our group of reflectors owners I
was speaking of earlier. Thanks Cyrus, we won't forget
you. (So, some got to see it at least)

Anyhoot, if you got this e-mail, somehow?, you are in
my CU-SeeMe/Cybertours mailing list. If this fact does
not sit well with you, then just ask me to take you off,
I will summarily. Bills and threats are not well taken.
(well some are) If you have asked me to take you off
and you are still receiving my messages, then you
must be in someone else's mailing list ,of which I have
no control over (let me know, I'll look into it).

This is our fourth event and as you can see
not always do we get it right 100%.
SOOOOO, in order to get it closer to 100% next time,
I am making this request.

Send me some info about yourself:
Maybe, what set-up you have at home/office?,
who is your local telephone company, about your
access providers, any questions about Cybertours,
CU-SeeMe, about myself... about yourself, anything
really. I am going to set up an MBONE and CU-SeeMe
Web-page for all the questions I get on deadlines
and I can't answer. (if you want to know more about
our previous Cybertours and events check my
home page).
Also ANY ideas or intentions about
organizing the coolest, wildest, and wackiest
Cybertour to-date! (who needs TV when we can

me and mi friends say! (add languages)
The best to all of you. Don't be shy, say hi.
La cosa migliore per voi. Non siate timidi e mandate
Lo mejor para todos ustedes. No sean timidos y
manden saludos.
Le meilleur pour vous. N'ayez pas honte et dites bonjour.
Alles Gute fur dich. Sei nicht Schuchtern und sage hallo.
.fi? .sa? .be? .nl? etc?

Alfredo Lusa
internet access
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San Francisco, California 94109
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