Inferiority complex (because of all you Mac users!) :-)

Ian Simmins (EST)
Sun, 20 Nov 1994 02:38:25 -0500

Dear Santa........

I've got a humble 386 with 4MB RAM and within the last hour I've got
CU-Seeme to work. Now I can watch a man in Tokyo working at his computer
faster than you can fly there on your sledge....HoHoHo! The thing is, a lot
of the contributors to this list seem to have Macs and I haven't :-( and it
just isn't fair! I WANT ONE!!!!

But seriously folks:

Back in September an answer to a question about sound on the PC stated that
in a matter of weeks 'The Sound Will Be With You'. If it is here, I've
missed it, so I now look rather stupid. If not, when?

Is the slow frame rate (0 - 2 fps) I'm having to suffer because of a lack of
RAM/386 etc.?

Ian Simmins UK