Re: QuickCam

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Sun, 20 Nov 1994 10:50:24 -0500

At 08:10 11/20/94, Dwight Early wrote:

> I thought I knew what a QuickCam was, but, after see Pat's note, I
>was really thinking it was Apple's QuickTake camera. (A middle age mind is
>a terrible thing to waste!) So, I need some help from you all - who, what,
>where, & how.
>o Who makes the QuickCam? Is this Connectix's round, little pool ball size
> snap shot camera?

Yes. It's Connectix's little eyeball-sized camera.

>o What is its characteristics (size, purpose, etc.) and street price?

Size: about the size of a golf ball. Purpose: inexpensive input of digital
video. Price: about $99.

>o Where can I see one of these hummers? CompUSA, Best Buy, Joe's Computer
> Shack, etc?

I hear that most mail-order places are back-ordered by a few days at a
time, so you can call and have it within a week (I've been told). Or you
can call Connectix and see if they'll ship you one. I don't know.

>o How sucessful has anyone been in interfacing QuickCam to CU-SeeMe (a
> popular question as far as I can tell)?

I'm using a pre-beta version that completely intergrates with the QuickCam.
As Dick Cogger mentioned last week, this version will be made available
shortly. There are some user interface tweaks that Tim is working on that
they want to put into that same release. I spend some portion of each
working day attached to some reflector: email me if you want to do a direct
connect or you want me to attach to some reflector. Remember, Cornell's is
down for the immediate future.

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