Re: QuickCam

Dwight Early (EST)
Sun, 20 Nov 1994 11:10:12 -0500

At 2:26 AM 11/19/94, Patrick Delahanty wrote:
>I am considering getting the QuickCam. I'm aware that it doesn't work well
>with CU-SeeMe yet (but soon will). How well does it perform? I haven't
>seen any reviews anywhere. How good is the video/sound quality? Would it
>work well on my LC II? If anyone is unhappy with it, please let me know
>before I blow $100 bucks on it.
>Thanks. I thought I knew what a QuickCam was, but, after see Pat's note, I
was really thinking it was Apple's QuickTake camera. (A middle age mind is
a terrible thing to waste!) So, I need some help from you all - who, what,
where, & how.

o Who makes the QuickCam? Is this Connectix's round, little pool ball size
snap shot camera?

o What is its characteristics (size, purpose, etc.) and street price?

o Where can I see one of these hummers? CompUSA, Best Buy, Joe's Computer
Shack, etc?

o How sucessful has anyone been in interfacing QuickCam to CU-SeeMe (a
popular question as far as I can tell)?

Thanks for your words of wisdom.

--Dwight Early