Re: Inferiority complex (because of all you Mac users!) :-)

Sun, 20 Nov 1994 12:58:25 -0500

>>Back in September an answer to a question about sound on the PC stated that
>>in a matter of weeks 'The Sound Will Be With You'. If it is here, I've
>>missed it, so I now look rather stupid. If not, when?
>Whosoever said that was yanking your chain. The CU team has consistently
>said that putting sound in the PC arena was on their list of things to do,
>albeit near the bottom. There is no concrete, or even tentative, date set,
>to the best of my knowledge.

This answer is a little bit off. It its true that there is no concrete or
tentative date set for getting sound working on the PC. It is NOT true,
however, that it is near the bottom of our list. In fact, it is at the
very top of things to do for the PC, but it's just not predictable how long
it's going to take. Probably more than a few weeks, but less than a few

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