CuSeeMe for Ham Radio

Jeff Millar (EST)
Sun, 20 Nov 1994 22:48:34 -0500

The ham radio community uses fast scan video (525 line NTSC TV) and slow
scan (still frames transmitted in analog form in phone line bandwidth) and a
few other formats. It seems to me that the CuSeeMe video compression scheme
would work very well for the ham's since they wish to operate in something
akin to a video conferencing mode, only using radio. The ham's also use a
"repeater" which very much resembles a reflector. Signals transmitted from
an individual go to the repeater (usually located on a hill for best range)
where they get retransmitted.

I would propose to implement a repeater with inputs on 920 MHz and outputs
on 1260 MHz ham bands which could accept data transmissions from up to 8
inputs and retransmitt them together on a wide band output. Based on my
experiences with a 14.4K modem, the individual video transmissions need a
rate of approximately 15-30 KHz while the reflector transmission needs 8
times that (120-240 KHz).

This use of CuSeeMe video could generate a significant new capability for
the ham community and help revitalize interest in out hobby. I would be
interested in hearing from anyone with ideas and/or a willingness to work on
this technology.

jeff, wa1hco
work email: