NHK video conference

Jim Cooper (EST)
Mon, 21 Nov 1994 12:01:57 -0500

I am working with NHK in Tokyo on a Television program dealing with what is
available on the internet. One of the services that we would like to
profile is CU-SeeMe. NHK is the national brodcasting of Japan. It
operates without commercials and is supported by the Government. The theme
of the program is Earth, humans and the Future (rough translation) Other
topics we will be discussing are Space related issues: e.g. Jupiter SL-9;
Technology for future society; Bosnia and Uganda report; and AIDS ( a film
crew reports from San Francisco and this report will be followed by and
example of using the Internet as a forum for discussion of important world

I am sorry that I could not send this message before because our
connections have only recently been set up.
First, we would like to request that anyone interested in
participating in an on-line chat on the subject of AIDS and other HIV
related topics please send mail to me here at:

Jim Cooper
Our on-air time may be a little inconvenient: Japan time 3:00 PM
to 6:00PM on Friday November 25, 1994. That will be 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
EST on Friday (All other U.S time zones will still be in Thursday November
24, 1994.)
This will be a LIVE Broadcast to celebrate 1125 (Lines in HDTV picture).

Because of the nature of live TV we ask that you can sign on and be
configured by 5:00 PM (3:00 AM EST) and plan to remain on line until the
end of the program (one hour) The live portion will actually hit the air
at about 3:45 AM EST.
We will feature a 6 minute segment of the discussion. An NHK newscaster
will be speaking from a position live in the studio. and during that time
we will send the Live feed over the CU-SeeMe link.

Any person who would like to participate, please Email at the above address.
I will be checking the mail regularly.

we also welcome comments from the organizers of cu-seeme.list at Cornell.


Jim Cooper