Re: QuickCam a Mac-only product?

Mark A. Thornton (
Mon, 21 Nov 1994 16:35:35 -0500

I had thought that Mac serial ports were RS422 (+/- 5V) and not RS232 (+5V)
and therefore not compatible. Unless, of course you had an RS422 port
on the PC (my Media Vision Pro Movie Spectrum has one for communicating
with video decks and such.) At any rate, such an operation would be futile if you didn't
have a Video for Windows driver for the Quick Cam. And even then it would
only have a %50 chance of it working with CUSM (the VFW driver for the PMS
doesn't work with CUSM.)

Just my $.02
>At 06:23 11/21/94, wrote:
>>Is the QuickCam by Connectrix a MAC only product? Will it also work
>>on an IBM compatible?
>>If QuickCam only works on Apple products, is there an inexpensive
>>alternative for IBM?
>I'd heard it recently said on this list that someone had lopped off the
>DIN-8 serial plug on the Connectix QuickCam and had attached it to a PC's
>serial port or video card. Would the author of that note please tell us
>how it was done?
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