CU-SeeMe with direct modem connections

Geoff Burian (EST)
Mon, 21 Nov 1994 16:49:54 -0500

I have an idea for using CU-SeeMe with a direct modem to modem
connection, and I was wondering if anyone else has done this much.
I was basically wondering what kind of performance people
have gotten with a straight modem to modem connection (using SLIP
at 14.4 or 28.8Kbps).

Also, has any work been done on getting CU-SeeMe to work without
TCP/IP for direct connections? Is this type of this possible,
and if so, is it likely to improve performance much for direct
modem to modem connections?

(I apologize if this has been discussed before recently; if it has,
please send me mail directly [not the list], and if these discussions
are archived, I will look for the discussion.)


Geoff Burian