QuickCam and Quadra 605

Robert E. Morgan (EST)
Mon, 21 Nov 1994 19:59:03 -0500

We're gearing up to use CU-SeeMe in a K-8 school setting. The
Connectix QuickCam's price makes it very attractive to us. When
our QuickCam arrived, I quickly installed the software to try it
out on our Quadra 605. No luck. It showed just 3 lines of pixels.

The same camera worked well on a Mac LCII. A call to Connectix
revealed that a few Quadra 605 motherboards wouldn't support the
QuickCam (due, I believe, to a power variance in the modem and
printer ports). Connectix did have a fix, however: a slightly
modified QuickCam which would work on the 605. I ordered one of
the slightly modified (or perhaps adjusted) cameras. Connectix
charged me for the camera, of course, but shipped it to me next
day FedEx at no charge. We're happy to have 2 cameras because we
see lots of good uses for such a low cost device.

Connectix tech support and service was very, very impressive. There
was no wait for assistance, the tech support people knew the
product and went out of their way to assist me. Their support
ranks at the very top of my list of computer/software support
services I've used.

Incidentally, we tried the standard camera which wouldn't work
on one 605 on another and it did work. We just happen to have one
of the rare oddball 605 motherboards. Connectix did say that the
modified camera might not work on the Powerbooks.

Connectix would have spared me the cost of a second camera by having
me send my first back for adjustment to the Quadra 605 -- without,
by the way, losing its ability to work on the Mac LCII or other
Macs, except, perhaps the Powerbooks. I simply chose to have two

Hats off to Connectix for superb support. We're anxious for
CU-SeeMe for the QuickCam now!

Robert Morgan
Director of the Computer Center
University School
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122