Re: LocalTalk (was: Odd results)

Ken Latta (
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 08:44:37 -0500

Local talk is about 256K but that's a shared medium so
there's plenty of potential to suffer bottlenecks.
Another problem involves the device that connects your
localtalk network to campus ethernet; they too can get
overloaded and drop your performance.

By the way, considering the season, any chance of a live
feed from one of the Frozen Turkey Bowling events being
held around the country?

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> From: (Michael Sattler, San Francisco)
> To: <>

> >However, when i use a reflector, (even one of my own at a high
> >bandwidth), the incoming image is very slow to make it back...
> >
> >I am sending via LocalTalk -> routed Ethernet -> world from my...
> What's the max throughput over that LocalTalk? That may be your
> bottleneck. Tell us a little more about your connection scheme.
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