Re: Sound on PC's

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 12:53:16 -0500

At 00:04 11/22/94, wrote:
>First off I am new to Cu-seeme so excuse me if this completly off the bat.
>1: I understand there is some difficulty with sound on the PC's, could someone
> give me the lowdown on the problem ?

It's not yet implemented on the PC. It's high on the PC list, CU tells us,
but no concrete time.

>2: Would it be possible to send the text seperate from the picture, I ask
> It can be dificult to read the text sometimes because of picture
>background and
> encoding. A seperate text window would be nice !

Ask me again in a few weeks. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

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