Poll -- Events Listserver?

Timothy Mulkey (LSMULKY@scifac.indstate.edu)
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 13:57:28 -0500

The following is a poll to determine the interest of the CU-SeeMe community in
establishing a new list(s), specifically designed for announcements of CUSM
Net broadcasts, reflector open houses, and related activities not directly
associated with CUSM development and technical support.

The list will serve as a public clearinghouse for event/broadcast information,
anything from local reflector open houses to international events. The list
will provide a convenient source of this information to persons who are
interested in event information and are not interested in receiving
development/technical information.

This list will allow better coordination of events. Currently, many event
announcements "get lost" in the CUSM development list. A number of subscribers
to the development list are apparently interested only in events and
unsubscribe (often to the list instead of the listserver) when they discover
the purpose of the CUSM list is for development and provides only limited
announcements of events.

A separate digest list will be maintained for persons who wish one announcement
each week which lists upcoming CUSM events/broadcasts. This list would be
appropriate for conversion to html as a calendar of events for the numerous
sites which maintain CUSM WWW information pages.

A third list is proposed for reflector operators. This list will be used by
reflector operators to coordinate their efforts to provide reflector
links/interconnections for major events which are of interest to large numbers
of CUSMers.

If there is adequate interest in the establishment of the lists which have been
described, an effort will be made to setup the lists. The Cornell team may be
interested in setting up the lists; but we all know that they have their hands
full with CUSM development and have little time or personnel to assign to other
non-development efforts. But, there have been volunteers who are
willing to set up and maintain these additional lists on other listservers for
the CUSM community so that the Development team can continue their programming
efforts without interruption.


Please respond to this poll by sending an E-Mail message to:


with a YES or NO response to your interest in:

-- Event/broadcast announcement list.

-- Weekly event/broadcast digest list.

-- Reflector operator's list (only reflector operators should vote).

Any additional comments or suggests are welcome.


Please DO NOT send your response to the CU-SeeMe list; the development list has
high traffic without handling this poll. A summary of the results of this poll will be
published on the CUSM list in a few days.

Tim Mulkey
Indiana State University