Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0

Borre Ludvigsen (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 04:28:51 -0500

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Multimedia Tuner 2.0

Apple strives to provide maximum reliability for its customers. This update
provides specific improvements that many Apple Macintosh customers will find

What is the Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0?

The Apple Multimedia Tuner system extension includes a set of software
enhancements that improve the performance and reliability of some software
applications and multimedia titles that utilize Apple's QuickTime and Sound
Manager software on Macintosh computers running system software versions
7.0, 7.0.1, 7.1, 7.1.1 (System 7 Pro), 7.1.2 (for Power Macintosh), or 7.5.

What are the enhancements that the Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0 provides?

QuickTime 2.0 contains enhancements that can dramatically improve QuickTime
movie playback performance in software applications and multimedia
titles. Some
existing software applications and multimedia titles do not properly initiate
movie playback and will not be able to realize the performance
improvements of
QuickTime 2.0.

The Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0 helps these applications and multimedia titles
achieve much smoother and consistent movie playback. In some situations,
may not be sufficient RAM available to play sounds.

If you are using Sound Manager 3.0, the Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0 will
the system's ability to play sounds under these conditions.

The Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0 improves the reliability of Quadra 660AV and
Quadra 840AV systems running some compute-intensive applications under
low-memory conditions.

- Barre