NY Magazine 11-21-94

Dean Hughson of Braymer Mo (DHUGHSON@DELPHI.COM)
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 18:02:33 -0500

Well, I think that possibly CU-seeme was part of the behinds the secret story
in NY Magazine, page 23, 11-21-94 issue. In this article it discusses a
company called Scores On-Line, is thinking of using some free software that
will allow 'real-time video over standard telephone lines albeit a grainy up
to eight frames per second video feed of strippers and then people would have
the opportunity to talk to the dancers live afterwards for $1.25 for the first
minute and 95 cents for each additional minute.

The last paragraph of the article asks "How many perverts are there in the
city of New York?"

Anyway, Scores On-Line is apparently seeking investors so watch the mailings
from your stockbrokers...ha ha

Happy Thanksgiving