QuickCam for Txgiving

Richard Cogger (EST)
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 18:43:21 -0500

OK, here it is-- You can download in time for the holidays!

CU-SeeMe0.70b13 BETA VERSION for (self-selected) Testers ONLY

CU-SeeMePPc0.70b13 and CU-SeeMe68k0.70b13 are now available.
Both of these are bug-fix and minor function updates to prior
versions. Obtain by FTP to cu-seeme.cornell.edu/pub/video

0.70 b13 changes:

1. Support for the Connectix QuickCam (Yea!), the $100 combined
camera and digitizer that plugs into your serial port, including an
addition to the control panel you see under your own window that
allows you to choose which of available digitizers to use.

2. Correct strange behavior when using a conference ID greater than

3. Correct behavior when your own video is "paused" -- it was
sending at much too high a rate.

4. Internal change dealing with packet sequence numbers and
interoperation with VAT for periods longer than a couple hours.

NOTE: This version will replace existing "CU-SeeMe Preferences"
file, causing all settings to revert to default values. Before
running this version, you may wish to take note of your current
settings (e.g., Compression Tolerance, your name if not easily
recalled, etc.).

Happy Holidays, -Dick