IP No.s & Multigate

Simon Plint (EST)
Thu, 24 Nov 1994 07:44:18 -0500

I have a mac 840av at work connected directly to the uni ethernet and as
such in the Network control panel I have ethertalk selected. When I use
CU-SeeMe and connect to Self I see my IP number as I have no
problem with others making a direct connection to me, using this IP number.

However when I leave work and go home I have to change the network
selection to built-in appletalk since this is the only way I can connect
from my mac 660av at home and use MacTCP, (encapsulated in appletalk remote
access). My appletalk network is connected to the ethernet throuh a
multigate. This is a graphical attempt at showing the connection setup;
MacTCP encapsulated in AppleTalk Remote Access(14.4kbps)->

For those of you who are interested I was able to make a direct cucme
connection to Barre in Norway to see the video stream from his remote
controlled cucme camera and at the same time pan and tilt the same camera
using the arrows on his www page. He has a nice homely sort of office. I
took about 30 seconds to a minute for the camera to respond, it seemed
longer, and my mac froze a couple of times until I turned off my video
stream. Call me naive but it still blows me away to think that I can sit in
my study here in Australia and remotely control a camera in someone elses
study in Norway. I guess it pales in significance slightly compared to the
fact that all of you can watch live footage from the space shuttle in your

(~) Now there's an idea. Barre, why don't you have a talk to NASA. Get them to
= take up your LEGO Technics pan'n'tilt cucme camera. Nothing against
your office but I'de much rather sit here and pan around the cock pit of
the shuttle.
Hey, why stop at the camera, you could modify the pan'n'tilt table (it is
LEGO) to garb hold of the controls and the.......

I jest. Sorry Barre, I hope your thick skinned. I'm not making fun of you,
I just got carried away :-).

Back to the reason for my post :-|

Anyway, if I leave my mac at work running cucme and the preferences set to
accept incoming data and I check to see what my IP number is *after* I
change my network connection to appletalk (it doesn't change BTW) I get no
response using that IP number from my mac at home. I have been told the the
multigate allocate s IP numbers on the fly.

1.) Why does cucme not indicate that my IP number has not changed when I
change over to appletalk?
I'm assuming that it does cahnge and this is why I can't connect.
2.) How can find out what the IP number really is?
I know that I could connect to another cucme users and get them to tell me
but I don't want to have to do this each time.

TIA and sorry if this post was a tad too lengthy.

Simon Plint PH: 21 7136
TUNRA Bulk Solids Handling FAX: 21 6094
University Of Newcastle, AUSTRALIA.