PC Cu-Seeme won't connect (fwd)

LTD TECHNISYSTEMS (techsys@leon.nrcps.ariadne-t.gr)
Thu, 24 Nov 1994 10:26:44 -0500

> However, I can't connect to any reflectors. I get a "no response"
> error everytime I try. Since I also have cu-seeme going on a Mac
> (receive only -- although soon to be send thanks to the new
> QuickCam version), I can check on reflectors. I use the NASA
> Lewis NASA Select reflector as a "beacon," since it's almost always
> up. Using the Mac, I can connect to NASA Lewis (, but
> I can't get a connection using the Cu-Seeme on the PC side.
I have the same problem. I've seen many users of Cu-Seeme addressing
this question before (including myself), but I haven't seen any
helpfull hint. Please send your replies to these problems to the list
and not to individuals.

Thanks in advance

Nikos Parthenios