Setup Videoblaster-driver???

Bjorn Tore Mykland Bjorn Tore Mykland (EST)
Thu, 24 Nov 1994 14:06:23 -0500


I have problems with my VideoBlaster card. My PC is up and running with the
orig. 'Creative Video Blaster VFW Driver', all works fine in CU-SeeMe, but
the videoquality is not good.

This is the only driver on the Video for Windows-disks where CU capture the

Is there another capture driver to try? --> VBlaster-FTP-server?? :-)

I have tried tree of them: 'Truevision TARGA16 plus, Truevision Bravado and
New Media Grafics SVW', but they wouldn't work at all. only the Creative
Video Blaster VFW-driver works. And inside CU-SeeMe I can only use '8-bit
palettized' videoformat.

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