PC CU-Seeme won't connect

Robert E. Morgan (EST)
Thu, 24 Nov 1994 20:05:37 -0500

Thanks to Michael Sattler for replying to several requests for
help relating to PC Cu-SeeMe not working correctly. After I
posted a notice yesterday indicating that I couldn't get PC
Cu-SeeMe to connect to any reflectors, several people wrote to
me with the same problem, several people posted a similar concern
to this listserv, and several sent possible solutions.

Apparently, there is a noticeable group of us who are use SLIP
connections and can't get Cu-
SeeMe to connect to a reflector. We keep getting "no response from
host" errors even when known active hosts are accessed.

Several have suggested missing IP addresses in the host file. In
my case, this is not the case. I've checked. Since my IP address
is assigned dynamically, I've put in the host file, thanks to the
advice of Jud Elliott and others, all probably IP addresses. This
works well with Mosaic, but apparently Cu-SeeMe needs a "name" for
the machine. That's all PROBABLE IP addresses.

So, would someone who is successully running Cu-Seeme on a PC
provide some suggestions? HOW do we "name" our machines in the
host file. I thought I'd done it, but apparently it doesn't work.
A sample host file might help, too. I now know of at least 3
users having this same problem.

I'm using Trumpet Winsock and a video spigot card.

Michael Sattler identifies himself as a "Mac bigot." On days like
this I understand. I'm running a Mac and a PC side by side. Cu-
SeeMe setup on the Mac has been smooth compared to PC setup. I"m
glad that I've got Cu-SeeMe working on the Mac side at least.

But I do need to have the PC side working. Any help would be

Bob Morgan