Re: PC CU-Seeme won't connect

Robert E. Morgan (
Thu, 24 Nov 1994 21:39:26 -0500


Thanks for taking the time to respond to my concerns about geting
(getting) Cu-SeeMe up and running.

I'm using Trumpet Winsock vs. 1.0. However, a colleague is running
Cu-SeeMe successfully using this version.

I do have a host file in the correct directory. I am not including
the reflector IPs and aliases in that directory. I am able to
run Mosaic with no difficulty under my current setup. Several other
utilities (Eudora, for example) also run well.

All settings are based on what the provider requests (MTU, TCP RWIN,
and TCP MSS). CUSM does start once I've connected to the SLIP. I
have good video in my splash window. Just can't connect to anything.
Any attempt to start CUSM without first establishing a SLIP connection
causes a host name error, but does initiate the slip connection. And
yes, CUSM then quits, although the SLIP connection is established. If
I start CUSM after establishing SLIP connection, no error messages

Apparently CUSM needs more than Mosaic.

I'll check with the SLIP provider regarding aliases for dynamic IP

Thanks much.