Re: CU-SEEME and PCs

Geoff Rehn (EST)
Fri, 25 Nov 1994 02:20:52 -0500

At 12:59 PM 14/11/94, Bob Weber wrote:
>I'd like to jump in too... I'm able to tun Mosaic, FTP, etc from PPP but
>have been entirely UNable to get CU-SEEME to connect with any site.
>Here though might be a problem. When I dial into my provider, my IP
>address is dynamically assigned. Since I'm running Chameleon, at this
>point I open up my little NEWT icon to find out my IP address. I then
>open up the file HOSTS in my windows directory, type in the IP
>address and a name. For example the firstt and only line in my hosts
>file right now is;

I write from my Mac away form my PC and from memory but it _was _ hard work
getting CU-SeeMe up and running with Chameleon, from my home, via SLIP,
with dynamically allocated IP numbers.

> BobWeber

This won't work, I am pretty sure.

You need to have the real canonical name associated by your DNS (Domain
Name Server) to this IP number.

Using WS-HOST (I think it is called) will enable you to find this real name.
Put in the IP number, and the real DNS name will come back. Then put that
in your HOSTS file.

But wasn't there a bit of a summary somewhere done by Dick or another, on
these very issues?

Geoff R.

Geoff Rehn
Academic Services Unit  Murdoch University