Re. Can CU-SeeMe-L be searched?

Ian Simmins (EST)
Fri, 25 Nov 1994 10:36:53 -0500

>Date: Thu, 24 Nov 1994 09:13:11 -0500
>From: David Winet <>
>To: Geoff Rehn <>
>Subject: Can CU-SeeMe-L be searched?
>Message-ID: <>
>One wonders if there is a way to search through an archive of CU-SeeMe-L
>postings to find help with specific problems.
>Such a thing would avoid lots of duplication, one imagines.
>David Winet

Why not subscribe to the digest version of the list and build your own
archive/index as I am doing.


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Ian Simmins, England.

What is the Internet? (Maybe)

At each intersection in Indra's Net is a light-reflecting jewel ... and each
jewel contains another Net, ad infinitum. The jewel at each intersection
exists only as a reflection of all the others and hence it has no
self-nature. Yet it also exists as a separate entity to sustain the others.
Each and all exist in their mutuality ....

Ken Jones, _The Social Face of Buddhism_, p 137, quoted in
*Inquiring Mind*.