Re: Error from SndNewChannel err = -2004

Geoff Rehn (EST)
Fri, 25 Nov 1994 22:25:16 -0500

>At 15:33 11/25/94, Thomas Zulliger wrote:
>>Has anyone experienced this error:
>>error from SndNewChannel
>>err = - 2004
>>...CSM used to work fine on our Macs but since
>>last week this happens all the time.

Yes, every now and then...

Have you SoundManager 3.0 installed?
It can also happen when there is no microphone connected.

Or possibly the sound channel has not been freed up (??) by another
application such as Sound Machine or Maven...

Try closing off the Audio Window and restarting CUSM. Or even trashing the

Geoff R.

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