Re: OS/2 & CU-SeeMe

Colin Hunter (
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 02:09:34 -0500

Ian Simmins <> writes:

>>Before I take the plunge .. Has anyone used CuSeeme over OS/2 Warp or
>>are all the PC crowd using Dos with Windows 3.1 - Or are
>>they incompatible?
>I haven't seen an answer to this question since it was posted so if it has
>been dealt with I aplologise. Are Warp & CU-SeeMe compatiable?

I cannot comment on OS/2 Warp, but I can confirm that CU-SeeMe works
under Windows 3.1 within OS/2 2.1 using the current version of Trumpet
Winsock and an SMC UltraElite ethernet board. I doubt that OS/2 Warp
would remove this capability. Hope this information is of some use.

Colin Hunter
Virology Laboratories, University of Maryland at Baltimore