Luck with PC-CU-SeeMe

Sat, 26 Nov 1994 12:33:44 -0500

Hello again

I have PC-CU with the folowing
Trumpet 1.0 rev A
CUSeeMe WO.34b4

My login.cmd has nothing special in it
It dials the phone and logs me in. thats it.

My HOST. file is the one that came with Trumpet or Netscape.
All I did was to add my IP address that trumpet is setup with.

A brief History:
(as I think it went. I move and make fast changes one after another
I cant always remember every thing I did but I usualy get things to work)

1st try
start CU-SeeMe
get WSAStartup error message and host name errormessage
Cu exits

2nd try
start Trumpet
start Cu-SeeMe
get GetHostbyName name error message
Cu-SeeMe Exits

3rd Try
add my IP address from Trumpet Setup to the HOSTS file
start Trumpet
start CU-SeeMe
select conect from CU menu
Select a site from menu
got message No responce from site
select another site responce
another site (just kept going down the list that is built in)
got connected to site in the status area but no picture.

that the best I have ever done. UNTIL TODAY

For 20 seconds I saw A entry in the window '[x] Papa Smurf' (at nyserv)
but no video.
things are geting close for me

This has not gone to the List Server yet you got it first.