Re: OS/2 & CU-SeeMe

Rick Collins (EST)
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 12:47:16 -0500

OS2? Yes I've heard it works but you'll have to use the orphan child we
call the WINDOWS version to make it happen.

Speaking of the Windows version... What's happening? What percentage of
developers are working on the Windows version? Are there more developers
working on it then, let's say, the number of people offering "list" support
to MAC users and the 1,000th version of that software? Surely the split in
development time seems disproportionate to other PC users? As you may have
surmised I am displeased. I jumped on this train early in the summer and
seeing the activity I made some convincing arguments to my demi-gods to
invest in this to solve some of our video conferencing needs. By using the
"video-only" version in beta form coupled with regular telephone lines (non
56k$$$) we did manage to save some money and get reliable service. Problem
was... I made the mistake of passing on the news of vapour versions for the
PC that would soon include audio. Each day someone on our campus asks the
question and I say something like: No but there's another new MAC version.

I could have bought MACS last summer and, had I done so, our needs would
have been met. If you are a WINDOWS/PC person and you're just looking at
the possibilities of CUSeeme for the first time take my advice and tell
yourself: this is a MAC product. That way you won't have to eat crow each
and every day.

Now, that felt good!
>Ian Simmins <> writes:
>>>Before I take the plunge .. Has anyone used CuSeeme over OS/2 Warp or
>>>are all the PC crowd using Dos with Windows 3.1 - Or are
>>>they incompatible?
>>I haven't seen an answer to this question since it was posted so if it has
>>been dealt with I aplologise. Are Warp & CU-SeeMe compatiable?
>I cannot comment on OS/2 Warp, but I can confirm that CU-SeeMe works
>under Windows 3.1 within OS/2 2.1 using the current version of Trumpet
>Winsock and an SMC UltraElite ethernet board. I doubt that OS/2 Warp
>would remove this capability. Hope this information is of some use.
>Colin Hunter
>Virology Laboratories, University of Maryland at Baltimore