Oh dear! Not a Mac vs. Windows debate...

Geoff Rehn (EST)
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 20:33:33 -0500

rcollins@kean.ucs.mun.ca wrote:

>>I could have bought MACS last summer and, had I done so, our needs would
>>have been met. If you are a WINDOWS/PC person and you're just looking at
>>the possibilities of CUSeeme for the first time take my advice and tell
>>yourself: this is a MAC product. That way you won't have to eat crow each
>>and every day.

msattler@jungle.com wrote:

<heaps deleted!!>
>Flame mail and prostelyzing message will be forwarded to hell.

Well, Michael, if your mail wasn't inflammatory or proselytsing (note
spelling! you Americans can use a "z" !), I don't know what is!!!

But it must be tough having to eat crow each day - catching them would be a
devil of a time.
I certainly have sympathy for the Windows CUSM users: waiting for audio is
tough. But the technical problems can't be trivial!! However, I have great
faith in the CUSM team.

Who wants to get caught up AGAIN in these Mac vs. PC Windows debates?
At home here, connected via modem, I have a data switch, in which I flip
from my Mac connected via SLIP/PPP, over to my Windows box, and back again.
And I just love the SPEED with which my old 386DX handles dialup comms - my
old PowerBook 170 keeps falling over on me (over heating!! no wonder)

What the heck! Mac, Windows - I can't say it's all the same, as the Windows
CUSM people will confirm but we'll get there....

(sent from my Mac)

Geoff R.

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