MAC or Windows for CuSeeMe

Sean Foderaro (
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 22:34:25 -0500


I been reading the PC vs. MAC debate in regard to CuSeeMe and as an
active Windows user I am still hopeful to have audio support in windows
sometime in 1995.

However, I was asked to recommend hardware for an organization which
would be interested in using CuSeeMe technology to perform Video
Conferencing over their WAN. (T1 links - except for one compressed
128k link).

So, in order not to appear biased, I would like to find out the
type of hardware the user community would recommend and why. I expect
the firm would spent up to $4,500 per workstation, not including the
Suns to be used as reflectors.

I'd gladly summarize the information I receive and make it available
to whomever is interested.

Thanks for your input,

Jeffrey Pulver,