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Ian Simmins (EST)
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 07:58:42 -0500

On 26th Nov >rcollins@leif.ucs.mun.ca (Rick Collins) wrote:

>I could have bought MACS last summer and, had I done so, our needs would
>have been met. If you are a WINDOWS/PC person and you're just looking at
>the possibilities of CUSeeme for the first time take my advice and tell
>yourself: this is a MAC product. That way you won't have to eat crow each
>and every day.
>Now, that felt good!

I'm not taking sides here, these are just my thoughts about CUSM
development. Although I have no experience of using a Mac I imagine that
CUSM is alot easier to develop on one. I've been told it is alot easier to
set up anyway!

I use a 386DX for CUSM and it is much more fun than an afternoon with Sonic
The Hedgehog, so I've been told :-) (sorry for lowering the tone) . There
is too much evidence in the computer world of developers etc. rushing out a
product just to keep the customers happy, then the customers complain
because it is full bugs. Give the developers a chance! Have patience. If
I'm being naive and over optimistic where is the next PC version then? Us
PCers still exist you know. :-)

If you're reading this Rick as you didn't buy Macs last year could you send
me some of your change from the PCs so I can buy one. :-)


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