Re: PC development

Rick Collins (EST)
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 09:07:43 -0500

OK! Maybe I sounded a little bitter about the Windows/MAC thing. I just
feel I've been waiting longer than I should for development news.

Have they made it work at all? Are they working with a PC/Maven hook? Is
it possible? Are they aiming for a particular product compliance such as
Sound Blaster 1.5? Each weekend I spend a fair bit of time looking for
PC/Windows based betas such as a MAVEN interface so that I might cludge
together a workable session. Having a hint that the wait will be worth it
is all I ask.

Every now and then I run over (hardware in hand because I have the cameras)
and see how the latest MAC (picture and sound) is performing. Even the
earliest versions would have made me happy in point-to-point
implementations. The goal, for me, is Distance Education ability. The kind
of investments we put into IMUX's ($15,000/per) and CODEC's ($60,000/per)
for T1 or 1/4T, sattelite or 56k transmissions invested in CUSeeme systems
could see us accessible to an incredible portion of our lightly populated;
over-sized population. Each and every day I receive demos and ad material
for another proprietary system on a lan but most didn't take the efficient
route of CUSeeme in regards to bandwidth. When they work on a LAN/WAN you
read the specs and realize that while running you can probably see the cable

Just drop us a line about development once every two weeks(???) and I'll
feel better. I know that making me feel better is all you guys have to
worry about right now (he. he.). Thanks.

At 09:46 AM 11/27/94, wrote:

>On 26th Nov > (Rick Collins) wrote:
>>I could have bought MACS last summer and, had I done so, our needs would
>>have been met. If you are a WINDOWS/PC person and you're just looking at
>>the possibilities of CUSeeme for the first time take my advice and tell
>>yourself: this is a MAC product. That way you won't have to eat crow each
>>and every day.
>>Now, that felt good!
>I'm not taking sides here, these are just my thoughts about CUSM
>development. Although I have no experience of using a Mac I imagine that
>CUSM is alot easier to develop on one. I've been told it is alot easier to
>set up anyway!
>I use a 386DX for CUSM and it is much more fun than an afternoon with Sonic
>The Hedgehog, so I've been told :-) (sorry for lowering the tone) . There
>is too much evidence in the computer world of developers etc. rushing out a
>product just to keep the customers happy, then the customers complain
>because it is full bugs. Give the developers a chance! Have patience. If
>I'm being naive and over optimistic where is the next PC version then? Us
>PCers still exist you know. :-)
>If you're reading this Rick as you didn't buy Macs last year could you send
>me some of your change from the PCs so I can buy one. :-)