An other PC hopefull

Sun, 27 Nov 1994 10:12:01 -0500

I too am intrested in making the CU-SeeMe work for the PC.
I am trying to convince my school district to become more technically
involved and put internet into our town/School.

The Distance learning posibilities are where I am looking and with the
large amounts of monies spent on PC computers already I will not even have
a chance to get simple internet access if I can't show any future for our
exsiting equipment.

I am new to CU and could also use some advice as to the type of Internet
connection/equipment to make for good Interneting as well as CU, SLPP, PPP
... services. This system is still being designed and I dont want to short
change the schools bye cuting corners now and paying alot more in the long

Benn Boulton