PC Vs. Mac

Steve Loboyko (EST)
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 12:41:40 -0500

I've been reading the debate, and I don't think that people realize the real
difficulties of doing a PC version. The reason that the program doesn't
support any PC hardware codecs is to maintain cross-platform
compatibility-the developers had to do their own themselves. I suppose the
same can be said for the audio codecs. This is a big job. Worse, the sheer
number of wacky boards that a PC developer must support is scary.

Compliants about the speed of the program over POTS lines are unjustified.
If these guys could do full-motion video with sound over POTS lines using
software alone, I assure you that within a year they would all be retired
and living in Maui...

Nevertheless, I wish the source was available...
Steve Loboyko
Software Engineer
cR Solutions, Incorporated


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