Request to all PC users

Ian Simmins (EST)
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 14:13:07 -0500


I would be very grateful if you could tell me what fps & kbps rates to
expect using the PC version.

I've been told it depends on the Internet connection, if this is true my
connections so far have been rubbish. :-(

Thanks for your help,


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Ian Simmins, England.

What is the Internet? (Maybe)

At each intersection in Indra's Net is a light-reflecting jewel ... and each
jewel contains another Net, ad infinitum. The jewel at each intersection
exists only as a reflection of all the others and hence it has no
self-nature. Yet it also exists as a separate entity to sustain the others.
Each and all exist in their mutuality ....

Ken Jones, _The Social Face of Buddhism_, p 137, quoted in 'Inquiring Mind'.