problem with CUSM preferences

Jon Tower (EST)
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 21:09:10 -0500

I've had this problem with last several versions, but have not mentioned it
because it's more of a nuissance than a bug: Everytime I open Cu-SeeMe, it
always comes up "Your Name", and I must re-enter my basic preferences. The
only exception, odly enough, is if I close the program and re-open it while
my PPP connection is still up. In that case, it "remembers" my preferences.
But if I close the PPP connection, then re-dial and open Cu-SeeMe, I find
it has forgotten the preferences. Strange... any thoughts?

I'm currently running 0.70b13 on a PowerMac 6100 AV, 24 RAM, with dial-up
64K ISDN access.

Jon Tower
POB 1872, New York, NY 10013