RE: SLIP and Dynamic IP

Jay Nelson (
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 21:38:02 -0500

>From the current thread of messages from users who are having problems with
CUSM over SLIP lines, I beleive your problem is the dynamic addressing of
the SLIP line IP.

Assigning an alias (hostname) for IP addresses has been standard in the
Internet world since the beginning. Only in the recent past (since the
introduction of bootP servers and the introduction of commercial Internet
providers) there has been an attempt to drop the assignment of aliases for
IP addresses ... I will not comment on the advantages or disadvantages of


First, I'd like to compliment Tim on a thoughtful and succinct message.
Equally impressive is the lack of vitriolic opinions designed for self
gratification. I'd like to add one additional suggestion regarding the
following Trumpet Winsock analogy:

Changing the HOSTS file IP and alias AFTER you have made the SLIP
connection will not provide a solution is you are using the Trumpet Winsock.
Any change in the setup and host file requires that you to restart the
winsock for the changes to be recognized (the configuration file and the
host file are only read when you start tcpman.exe). Restarting the winsock
would log you off the SLIP server and log you back onto the SLIP server ...
there is no guarentee that you will be assigned the same IP when you log
back into the SLIP server.

All of the above is correct. There is one additional way to get around this
problem. As Tim says, editing your HOSTS file to reflect your dynamically
assigned IP, without allowing tcpman.exe to read it, does you no good.
Here's a work around. Add to your modem initialization string AT&D0. (this
will allow you to stay connected after closing your Trumpet Winsock. Here's
the sequence:

After you connect, make note of your dynamically assigned IP
Click on "F"ile and then "S"etup.
Change your IP address
Save it.
Drop to DOS and use text editor to edit HOSTS file in Trumpet Dir.
Exit DOS shell
Now actually close Trumpet Winsock (AT&D0 will keep you connected)
Restart Trumpet Winsock

Voila! Now it will reinitialize your TCP/IP and read the HOSTS file with the
correct IP number and Machine Name. This works, I do it all the time.

Thanks again to Tim. Please refer to his original message for additional
information that I deleted here.

Best regards,
Jay Nelson