Re: "Let's have 3 cheers and 1 cheer more"

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 22:43:40 -0500

>Watching the convergence of these two tools develop right here in this list
>has provided two benefits: The CU-seeme/QuickCam combo AND the *story* of
>how the net drove, or at least, prodded the merger.

The latter may in some way suggest that the CU-SeeMe Macintosh development
team may have been less than enthusiastic about integrating the Connectix
QuickCam and therefore responded only to "prodding."

Let me say very clearly (having been in the middle of this story) that the
CU-SeeMe Macintosh development team was very enthusiastic about integrating
the camera. Due to human fraility, possible misunderstandings, and some
chain-yanking, CUSMD was at the south end of a north-bound quadraped. The
integration happened purely because of the innovation, energy, and
"midnight requesitioning" of the team.

>I repeat my enthusiastic gratitude to all CU-seeme team members.

Praise be the team. All good things come from Ithaca.

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