Re: "Let's have 3 cheers and 1 cheer more"

David Winet (
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 23:53:19 -0500

I'll second that!
David Winet

On Sun, 27 Nov 1994, Jud Elliott wrote:

> Great, deep, gracious and enthusiastic "thanks" to the CU-seem team and the
> sly team leader for the wonderful work on CU-seeme/QuickCam and the perfect
> timing of the release. After receiving no answers from the team to mail
> written Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I had given up hope for the
> new version arriving during the vacation. Then, a call from Robert Morgan
> TG morning brought the great news. Noting the release time in the FTP site
> suggests that the whole release had been planned for just this effect. If
> not, it should have been.
> Watching the convergence of these two tools develop right here in this list
> has provided two benefits: The CU-seeme/QuickCam combo AND the *story* of
> how the net drove, or at least, prodded the merger.
> I repeat my enthusiastic gratitude to all CU-seeme team members.
> Hip hip, hooray. Hip hip, hooray. Hip hip, hooray Hip hip, horaaaayyyyy!
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