MATT ROSIN (matt@twics.com)
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 00:09:43 -0500

Hi folks and thank you for the great software.

I'm starting a new provider in Tokyo and found the latest version of the
CU-SeeMe software doesn't seem to broadcast (or place windows correctly,
since connections appear with the zoom box hidden above the menubar)
on a 660AV running System 7.1 Japanese. Could someone please mention again
where to find the extension I need? Have used Video Spigot in past
but its VDIG doesn't solve the problem.

Using TCP 2.0.4, Ethernet 64K to net, Sound Manager 3.0.
Also does anyone know of a site providing audio for testing during
U.S. nighttime hours?

Have experienced some errors with older (b7 possibly) version to the
effect of an error opening SDP device or some such, you probably know about this. Can attempt to isolate further if you wish.

Thanks again and Go Big RED!

Matt Rosin
Cyber Technologies International