Re: AV

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 03:01:15 -0500

At 21:09 11/27/94, MATT ROSIN wrote:
>I'm starting a new provider in Tokyo and found the latest version of the
>CU-SeeMe software doesn't seem to broadcast (or place windows correctly,
>since connections appear with the zoom box hidden above the menubar)
>on a 660AV running System 7.1 Japanese. Could someone please mention again
>where to find the extension I need? Have used Video Spigot in past
>but its VDIG doesn't solve the problem.
>Using TCP 2.0.4, Ethernet 64K to net, Sound Manager 3.0.

That sounds about right. I don't know anything about the video system
you're using, so I can't help there. Someone on this list with the same
setup will have to help you. Question #1: does this happen with all other
extentions turned off? And while this won't solve your problem, but
there's a MacTCP 2.0.4->2.0.6 updater at Get the
read-me file as well.

>Also does anyone know of a site providing audio for testing during
>U.S. nighttime hours?

Yes. NASA Select is reflected from both the USA and Sweden. Often, very
late at night when I'm hacking I turn it on as background chatter.

>Have experienced some errors with older (b7 possibly) version to the
>effect of an error opening SDP device or some such, you probably know
>about this. Can attempt to isolate further if you wish.

Let's get this version working :-)

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