Could Maven be ported to PC ??

Gerrit Thomson (
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 08:11:48 -0500

Hi Folk,
I suppose the title says it all. I note that Maven is available
via anon ftp, I was wondering if the deveolper of Maven have looked
at a Winodws version.
For sample code Microsoft ftp site has a file called "ddrec.exe",
this is an example of direct to disk recording using double
buffering and the MCI drivers in windows.
I know some guys here have kind of got a tcpip based audio
conference going but they haven't tried to slot it in to any
standards. Given the MCI programming interface tha audio developement
should be hardware independant just like the video ( until some smat
company put out there lates card without teh 8bit palletized config
in there drivers.
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