Re: Maven 2.0a18 16kbps audio over a 28.8kbps link

Charley Kline (EST)
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 10:36:46 -0500

At 6:26p 11/26/94, Geoff Rehn wrote:
>Even if the video is _stopped_ the Maven audio still is good. I don't
>understand this but it seems that even if video is stopped but a connection
>to a reflector (or whatever) is still in place, some bandwidth is still
>used by CU-SeeMe. Comments?

>However, of course if one _disconnects_ and then uses Maven, the results
>are fine.

What happens when you run Maven in parallel with CUSM with the video
paused? Theoretically this should occupy the same (slightly higher
actually) bandwidth, but I'm wondering about things like code scheduling.

>So, all you dialup Mac CU-SeeMe-ers, get a copy of the latest Maven 2.0a18
>and check out the delta-mod 16kbps audio. Over a 28.8kbps modem link, it is
>more than fine.

>(Please don't ask me where to get a copy: do an archie search for your
>nearest site. I'm in Oz!)

I know your mail was sent late, but the newest version of Maven is 2.0d23.

>PS. How will this delta symbol transmit across email?

Just fine here on my Macintosh. :)