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David H. Brown (
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 11:13:43 -0500

I second the motion. This list generates a lot of mail, and little of it
is time critical (at least for me). I would much prefer checking a
newsgroup once or twice a week, rather than wading through ~30 messages
per day interspersed among my "real work" (which, for better or for worse,
is not cucme).

Another option would be to "htmlize" the mailing list with something like
hypermail ( or
equivalent. Hypermail is freeware (for non-commercial purposes). This gets
around the problem of access for non-news users. Of course it does
require someone to administer it, which ain't free. Any other ideas
and/or support for moving this list off of direct-mail?


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On Sun, 27 Nov 1994, Patrick Delahanty wrote:

> Has anyone thought of killing the mailing list and creating a newsgroup
> instead? perhaps?
> I know there are some people that can't read newsgroups...they have two
> options. They could find a real access point instead of wimpy e-mail or they
> could continue to be on the list and have every message posted to the news-
> group forwarded to them.
> I would rather see a newsgroup than the mailing list (so all the CU-SeeMe mail
> stops getting mixed with my other mail).
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