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To remove yourself from the list, write to "". In the
body of the message, write "unsubscribe cu-seeme-L". Note: the message
must be sent with a "From: .... " in the header that *exactly* matches
the From: in the original subscribe.
If for some reason, you are unable to send mail from where you originally
subscribed, write to the list manager, Joanne Callahan, at She will unsubscribe you.

All list administrative requests are sent to "" - not
to the list itself.
For a list of other recognized requests, write to listserv and type "help"
in the body of the message. You will then receive a response.

There is an alternative list which posts announcements from the CU-SeeMe
developers only. On June 30, Dick Cogger writes:

>All messages sent to CU-SeeMe-Announce-L will be relayed to CU-SeeMe-L, so
>there is no reason to be subscribed to both. You will not be able to post
>to the announce list (but you won't have to receive any postings from
>anywhere but the CU-SeeMe developers :-).
>We will also post Q's from the cu-seeme-l discussion list (with A's) when
>they seem likely to be of general interest.
>There will be at least one message per week on this list, but there may be
>days at a time when nothing shows up.

>Please be SURE to send your subscribe with a From: field which is where you
>will send all future requests from (like unsub) and which will work to get
>mail to you. When mail from one of these lists bounces, we will
>unceremoniously unsub you on a random basis, without detailed analysis of
>the reasons for the bounce. Sorry.

For those of you who wish to subscribe to CU-SeeMe-Announce-L, here's how
to do it.

1. First you need to unsubscribe from CU-SeeMe-L.
Send an e-mail to
In the body of the message type: unsubscribe cu-seeme-L

2. Then you need to subscribe to CU-SeeMe-Announce-L.
Send an e-mail to
In the body of the message type:
subscribe cu-seeme-announce-L <first name> <last name>
You will then receive a welcome message.

On Mon, 28 Nov 1994, Olivetti UK Ltd wrote:

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