Re: Maven 2.0a18 16kbps audio over a 28.8kbps link

Geoff Rehn (EST)
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 18:21:10 -0500

At 09:36 AM 28/11/1994 -0600, Charley Kline wrote:

>At 6:26p 11/26/94, Geoff Rehn wrote:
>>Even if the video is _stopped_ the Maven audio still is good. I don't
>>understand this but it seems that even if video is stopped but a connection
>>to a reflector (or whatever) is still in place, some bandwidth is still
>>used by CU-SeeMe. Comments?

Hi Charley.
The above paragarph contained an error. There should have been a NOT in there.
ie. Even if the video is _stopped_ the Maven audio still is _NOT_ good.
I reposted that paragraph with the NOT in there.

>>However, of course if one _disconnects_ and then uses Maven, the results
>>are fine.
>What happens when you run Maven in parallel with CUSM with the video
>paused? Theoretically this should occupy the same (slightly higher
>actually) bandwidth, but I'm wondering about things like code scheduling.

Nowhere near as good as I would have thought/hoped it to be.
I was most disappointed in the CuSeeMe/Maven 16kbps combination.
Using Maven alone at 16kbps (with no CU-SeeMe even paused or stopped), the
results have been amazingy. But with anny CU-SeeMe connected, either paused
or Stop Sending, the results are comparable to the CU-SeeMe audio.

>I know your mail was sent late, but the newest version of Maven is 2.0d23.

Thanks for that.
Another Mac update to add to the PC users sense of alienation!

>>PS. How will this delta symbol transmit across email?
>Just fine here on my Macintosh. :)

But not good on my PC here as I read your mail!

Geoff R.

Geoff Rehn
Murdoch University Western Australia